Baierbrunner Straße 25
81379 München
Telefon: +49 89 780 606 - 33
Telefax: +49 89 780 606 – 34

Company strength


EQUITYplus is an independent advisory team managed by its owners. With our long-term corporate finance experience we follow strongly the interests and goals of our clients.


We pursue the capital market and transaction goals of our clients with 100% personal commitment in order to finalise the project within the targeted time frame.

The „Tandem Principle“

Two of EQUITYplus´ partners build a project team to guarantee our clients senior level advisory throughout the entire transaction process and to secure our demand for high quality standards.


In order to generate tailor-made solutions in terms of IPO´s, M&A transactions and private placements we carefully analyse the demands and needs of our clients based on individuality. Subsequently, we realise and implement the solutions agreed on.

Value Added Services

We understand ourselves as „hands on“ advisor who cannot only give clever advise but also take over daily project work to relieve our clients as much as possible.

Excellent Standing in the Financial Community

Our successful transaction track record and our strong capital markets network assure our clients an extra-ordinary standing at investment banks and investors.

Success based fee structure

Our fee structure is success oriented and therefore variable – only if our clients reach their goals EQUITYplus will participate through fair fees.